AFAHO Health Programs:

a. Obesity Prevention

b. HIV/AIDS Prevention Education

c. Breast Cancer Awareness

d. Behavioral Health Program

e. Maternal & Child Health Program

AFAHO assists African and Caribbean immigrant and refugee individuals and families to overcome their various barriers to care including: linguistic, cultural, fear of deportation and lack of knowledge of the healthcare system in order to improve their quality of their lives. We achieve this though outreach; education; health promotion; access to screening services and medical care; advocacy; information & referral and collaborations with health and social service providers.

Our community-based model of care which is led by culturally and linguistically sensitive community health workers who speak several different languages has been fundamental in achieving our goals of removing barriers and facilitating access to care. AFAHO has maintained a presence in the community through street outreach and building relationships with braiding salons, churches, mosques, African women’s groups, community organizations, African stores and restaurants, and other community establishments. We have also developed strong relationships with leaders in these communities who have come to trust and rely on us to serve their constituents.
Some of the health services we offer include:

  • Health education workshops
  • Medical escort services
  • Translation & Interpretation
  • Development of bi-lingual health education materials
  • Access to screening services including HIV Counseling & Testing; Pap Smears; GYN exams; mammograms etc

Annually, AFAHO provides direct services to nearly 800 members of our target community; reaching another 1,000 through community outreach.